HeroesNews with Jules Scott

HeroesNews with Jules Scott

Your weekly fix of Heroes of the Storm and HGC news in 10 minutes or less... plus an interview to get to know the pros, content creators, team owners, and influencers in the HotS community!

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    Episode 21: Yunalescka, Twitch Content Creator

    In this episode, a new balance patch comes right before Christmas, some thoughts and insights on the HGC news from last week, and an interview with the lovely and talented Twitch content creator with a big laugh and killer Artanis moves, it's Yunalescka!

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    Episode 20: Kagirii, Twitch Content Creator

    In this episode, the XP changes have gone live with a few tweaks, the latest in HGC roster comings and goings, and an interview with HeroesHearth's newest content partner and the leading expert on bagels in the Hots community, it's Kagiiri!

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    Episode 19: Starbee, Twitch Content Creator

    In this episode, the Dark Lady gets a rework again, XP changes are not the hot, and an interview with the lady with the best laugh and the biggest heart in the streamer community... it's Starbee!

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    Episode 18: Vipey, Twitch Content Creator

    In this episode, a new balance patch, The Call of the Nexus is here, we're still waiting for HGC, and an interview with Twitch content creator Vipey, who gives the T on becoming the sassiest queen in HotS.

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    Episode 16: Jon Jagger, CORE Podcast Co-Host

    In this episode, Orphea is released to the live servers, Twitch drops are back, Rosterpocolypse has begun, and an interview with the funniest curmudgeon in Heroes podcasting - Jon Jagger from the CORE podcast!

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    Episode 14: BBJ, HeroesHearth Esports Pro Player

    In this pre-BlizzCon episode, an interview with HeroesHearth Esports support player, BBJ! He shares details about his journey to get here, and how pro players should learn how to promote themselves, and ask for tryouts if they really want to make it to the pro scene.

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