HeroesNews with Jules Scott

HeroesNews with Jules Scott

Your weekly fix of Heroes of the Storm and HGC news in 10 minutes or less... plus an interview to get to know the pros, content creators, team owners, and influencers in the HotS community!

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    Episode 19: Starbee, Twitch Content Creator

    In this episode, the Dark Lady gets a rework again, XP changes are not the hot, and an interview with the lady with the best laugh and the biggest heart in the streamer community... it's Starbee!

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    Episode 18: Vipey, Twitch Content Creator

    In this episode, a new balance patch, The Call of the Nexus is here, we're still waiting for HGC, and an interview with Twitch content creator Vipey, who gives the T on becoming the sassiest queen in HotS.

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    Episode 16: Jon Jagger, CORE Podcast Co-Host

    In this episode, Orphea is released to the live servers, Twitch drops are back, Rosterpocolypse has begun, and an interview with the funniest curmudgeon in Heroes podcasting - Jon Jagger from the CORE podcast!

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    Episode 14: BBJ, HeroesHearth Esports Pro Player

    In this pre-BlizzCon episode, an interview with HeroesHearth Esports support player, BBJ! He shares details about his journey to get here, and how pro players should learn how to promote themselves, and ask for tryouts if they really want to make it to the pro scene.

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    Episode 13: KendricSwissh, HGC Caster & Content Creator

    In this episode, Twitch drops return for BlizzCon, one of the OG pros announces his retirement, and an interview with HGC caster and Twitch content creator, as well as one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, KendricSwissh!

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    Episode 12: Khaldor, EU HGC Caster & Content Creator

    In this episode, the details of the patch notes, including Mal'Ganis, Alan Dabiri moves on from HotS, and... whether you love him or hate him, you're going to learn things you didn't know about him that'll open your eyes in a big way. This week's interview is Khaldor!

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    Episode 10: KidKerrigan, Twitch Content Creator

    In this episode, HeroesHearth Esports announces their 5th player for BlizzCon, HGC playoff results, a preview of the Crucible this weekend, and an interview with the very funny, sassy and smart Twitch streamer from Down Under, KidKerrigan!

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    Episode 9: Special Episode with Homi, HeroesHearth Esports' Newest Player!

    In this special episode, an exclusive interview with the newest member of the #1 HGC team in North America, HeroesHearth Esports... Homi! He shares details about his journey to get here, and what getting this spot means to him after a series of disappointments to get back into HGC.

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    Episode 8: Kala, Twitch Content Creator and HGC Caster

    In this episode, the changes to Brightwing, Kerrigan, Garden of Terror, and solo queue Team League are all live, previews and predictions of this weekends HGC playoffs, who's heading to the Crucible next weekend, some impending roster departures, and an honest and inspiring interview with Kala, the man of many hats: Twitch streamer, community coach, caster, and much more.

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    Episode 7

    In this episode, a mega truckload of game news including Brightwing and Kerrigan reworks, a Garden of Terror battleground overhaul, solo queue is coming to Team League, and a big ol' balance patch, plus Week 9 HGC results, who's made it to BlizzCon so far, and a preview of the final week of HGC and what's at stake!

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    Episode 6: Kiyeberries, Twitch and YouTube Content Creator

    In this episode, Week 8 HGC results, who's made it to the Crucible in the Open Division, and an interview with Kiyeberries, one of the very first HotS Twitch streamers and the program manager for TGN Squadron, talking to her about her journey to full-time streamer and partner.

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    Episode 5: Darth Coffee, Twitch Content Creator

    In this episode, Week 7 HGC results and a surprise roster announcement, who's made it through the Open Division playoffs, and an interview to get to know Twitch streamer Darth Coffee, who's making a name for himself by doing things a little differently than your normal gameplay stream

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    Episode 4: Jin, No Tomorrow HGC Pro Player

    Week 6 HGC results, Open Division teams are heading to the playoffs, and an interview with Jin from No Tomorrow, talking life in HGC after being an Open Division player.

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    Episode 3: Nolan T. Jones, Owner of Roll20 Esports

    Eastern Clash results, Mephisto enters the Nexus, Hanamura Temple is back, and an interview with Nolan T. Jones from Roll20 Esports, talking about their new roster announcement!

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